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LANG, LITTLE & CRONEN The Systemic Professional - Domains of Action and the Question of Neutrality

LAX, WILLIAM D: Offering Reflections Some Theoretical and Practical Considerations

MASON, BARRY: Toward Position of Safe Uncertainty

MINUCHIN, S: Therapeutic Implications

PALAZOLLI, Maria et al: Hypothesizing Circularity Neutrality: Three Guidelines for the Conductor of the Session

PAPP (1983): Dilemmas of Change

PAUL, NEWNS & CREEDY (2006): Some Ethical Issues That Arise From Working with Families in the National Health Service

PENN, PEGGY: Circular Questioning

PENN, PEGGY: Feed Forward: Future Questions, Future Maps

REDER & FREDMAN: Relationships to Help: Interacting Beliefs about the Treatment Process

ROBER, P: The Therapist's Inner Conversation in Family Therapy Practice: Some Ideas About the Self of the Therapist, Therapeutic Impasse, and the Process of Relfection

SIMON, GEORGE M: A Revisionist Rendering of Structural Family Therapy

SUMMAT, CLARISSA: A Systemic Approach to the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families

TOMM, KARL: Circular Interviewing: A Multifaceted Clinical Tool

VETERE & DALLOS: Systemic Formulation

WATZLAWICK et al: Second Order Change

WHITE: Reflecting Teamwork as Definitional Ceremony pp172 - 198

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