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ANDERSEN, Tom (1987) - The Reflecting Team

BATESON, Gregory (1972) - Toward a Theory of Schizophrenia

BOND, Sharon - Putting a Face to Institutionalised Racism' Chapter 12 pp 249 - 266

BURNHAM, John (1986) - Relationships

BURNHAM, John (2012) - Developments in Social GRRRAAACCEEESSS: invisible-visible and voiced-unvoiced

BURR, Vivien (2003) - What is a Discourse?

CAMPBELL, David - Connecting Personal Experience to the primary task: a model for consulting to organisations

CECCHIN, Gianfranco: Hypothesizing, Circularity and Neutrality Revisited: An Invitation to Curiosity

CHIRON - The Blank Canvas

CHIRON - Holly's Story

CHIRON -Schindler's List

DALLOS & DRAPER, Research & Evaluation

GORELL & BARNES, Culture, Diversity and Developments

HARDY & LASZLOFFY, The Cultural Genogram: Key to Training Competent Family Therapists

HEDGES, The Importance of Context

HOFFMAN, Lynn: Contructing Realities: An Art of Lenses


IMBER BLACK, Family: Larger System Assessment Model Chapter 3

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