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Coming Soon! Ancestral Constellations: Shades of Life

A Continuing Professional Development Course in Systemic family Constellation


This introductory course explores an intersectional perspective on family life. It frames the concept of “SHADES” as a metaphor to broaden our understanding of the ‘intersectional’ nature of colour, culture and gender fluidity in family systems and communities.

SHADES of Life is a course that explorer the domains of family life that are acknowledged but often unspoken. For example, what does it mean to have ‘Shades of colour’ in a family system? How do we talk about ‘Shades of culture’ in relation to understanding our ancestral family history and lineage? How can we think of gender fluidity as ‘Shades of identity’? As professionals it can be difficult to discuss these issues when working with families and in diverse communities.

This course offers a systemic family constellation approach for exploring these issues. It will provide the practitioner with tools that will support interaction and systemic perspective that values difference.

Course Strengths

The course is practice focused and experiential in its approach. The model is transgenerational family learning rather than family therapy. The aim is to reflect on your own personal family experiences and develop professional skills in using the systemic constellations approach. ‘Intersectionality’ is used as a concept to frame multiple identities in family systems by:

  • Helping clients tell their stories

  • Mapping out family relationships

  • Reflecting on multiple identifies

  • Learning systemic constellations principles

  • Conducting transgenerational research through a systemic lens

Length of course: 4 days (28 hours)

Cost: £600

Venue: St Joseph’s Hospice Mare Street, London, E8 4SA

Course Leader: Sonya Welch-Moring is an organisational trainer, facilitator and coach.

If you would like to join us for this course please email for further details:-

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