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BOSTON, COTTRELL - Trials and Tribulations

BURNHAM & NEWNS - I'll Be The Coathanger, You Be The Mother

BURNHAM_Relational Reflexivity

CAMPBELL, David - Can we tolerate the relationships that race compels?

CHOWDHURY, Sim Roy - Evidence in Family Therapy

FLASKAS, Carmel - Reflections of the Conditions of Knowing and Understanding in Intercultural Therapy

FREDMAN_Transforming Emotions

FREDMAN, Glenda - Preparing Ourselves

HEDGES, Fran - Hyppothesising and systemic story creation

HEDGES, Fran - Tracking Episodes

LANG & MCADAM, Narrative-ating future dreams in present living jottings on an honouring theme

LARNER, Glen - Family Therapy and the Politics of Evidence

LANG, The Systemic Professional

MCADAM & LANG, Referrals, Referrers and the System

MORGAN, Alice - Stories In The Therapeutic Context

PALAZOLLI, The Problem of the Reffering Person

PEARCE, Episodes and Patterns Of Communication

PENN, Circular Questioning

PENN, Feed Forward Future Questions

POTE et AL - Systemic Family Therapy Can Be Manualized: Reserach, Process and Findings

TOMM, (1985) Circular Interviewing

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